hey, I'm Parth Bhalla

Worked across large-scale blockchains, decentralized identities and certs, async-distributed compute, storage & signatures, zero-knowledge, deFi, and, predictive modeling. Based in Delhi/Bali/Dubai/NYC.


The internet landscape is plagued by inefficiencies, the need for decentralization is irrefutable. Currently building Tria LogomarkTria (prev. Threely) – our elite team is pioneering the onboarding of the masses to Web3, melding the simplicity of Web2 using esoteric on-chain primitives like DIDs, ADKG:TSS, ZK, DA, and omni-chain comms. We're backed by tier-1 investors, and work with industry leaders.

past life

My world orbited around computers since childhood. Used to play — and build games and software since age 12. A serendipitous encounter with BitTorrent in 2013 introduced me to p2p file sharing, unbeknownst to me then, a prelude to my enduring fascination with distribute-enabled primitives. I mined ETH logomarkEthereum in 2015, then contributed to early protocols like Litecoin LogomarkLitcoin and ETHC LogomarkEthereum Classic. Around then, I was competing in eSports professionally – and co-founded one of the earliestDestiny LogomarkLFG (looking for group) platforms – think, Tinder for esports players, a multi-parameter, segmented elo-based matchmaking engine. I scaled it to 150k users and sold the platform (later grew to 30m users) before Discord took over the LFG market.

In early 2018, I collaborated with the 🇮🇳 Indian Government to build one of the largest blockchains (Central Board of Education's Academic BlockChain Documents) (3m+ users) and worked with a FINMA regulated (Swiss) financial institution on decentralized banking. Later, I became the youngest Microsoft LogomarkMicrosoft ambassador in the World to work on emerging tech (primarily permissioned blockchains and ML). I joined the Delhi Government's Entrepreneur's Committee to work on a startup-oriented school curriculum (taught to 1m+ students) and the World's largest student entrepreneurship program (50k companies). Driven by the pandemic, I returned to India to create Hetu LogomarkHetu an ML-based predictive modeling algorithm-powered WhatsApp bot to assist hospitals and over 150k COVID patients.

I've had intense phases of degeneracy (aka algo and grid trading/scalping, early-stage investing) in all the crypto cycles leading to 2022, after which I started Tria LogomarkTria . I like to hang out with interesting people, build tech, travel in nature, collect/ride motorbikes and cars, fly sim planes, and explore parallel planes of existence.